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Today, it is no longer surprising for anyone to find information, testimonials or any kind of document about Bitcoin (BTC), and CryptoCoins in general. And it is not strange considering the incredible returns that some people have achieved and continue to achieve day by day. Not only that, but also the blockchain (decentralized network to send and receive bitcoins, among many other possibilities) opens up endless possibilities for the future of humanity.

About 7 years ago, you could have bought 1 bitcoin for about 3 cents. In 2017,1 bitcoin surpassed $19,000. That is, anyone who invested $20 in Bitcoin 7 or 8 years ago would be a millionaire today. How it sounds!

For many, Bitcoin, CryptoCoins and Blockchain will be the strongest revolution, even more so than the industrial revolution and the internet. It may sound strong, but believe me, in a few years this is going to be like this. That’s why it’s important to make the most of this time and make the most of it. Yes, it is no longer possible to buy bitcoin for a few cents or dollars. Now, it costs thousands of dollars, but its price can still be multiplied tens of times. In addition, there are other currencies on the market such as Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin, for example, with a lot of growth potential as well.

What do some influential people think about Bitcoin and CryptoCoins?

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft
Bitcoin is better than ordinary money because you don’t need to be physically at the same place of payment and, when it comes to large transactions, trading with money can be quite uncomfortable.

Dee Hock, founder of VISA
Bitcoin is not only the future of payments, but also of governance.

CEO Xapo, one of Bitcoin wallets online Top
1 single bitcoin could reach $1 million by 2025.

Video CEO Xapo – Wall Street Journal Interview (English)

Fuente: Youtube

Reality on CryptoCoins in 2018

The CryptoCoins in 2018 follow a side-ascending line. Despite some downward movements that took place at the end of 2017 (as is always the case with all assets), their meteoric and unstoppable evolution continues. Right now seems like a great time to buy and invest in bitcoins or other cryptomoney, and more, considering that many experts and analysts predict that by the end of 2018 the price of Bitcoin could exceed $35,000.

There are already several financial experts and economists who advise all people to invest between 1% and 5% of their total capital in bitcoins. That doesn’t sound strange considering that there are forecasts that 1 single bitcoin could exceed $100,000 by 2020 and reach the dizzying figure of $1,000,000 between 2025 and 2030.

So what do you have to do if you want to invest in Bitcoin or other CryptoCoins?

The team has reviewed and analyzed most of the sites to buy bitcoins or other cryptomonedas, and of all, we can highlight one.

We have chosen this site because it is one of the most used by investors worldwide. It has a variety of cryptomoney and financial assets, great support, is secure, is regulated and also allows you something impressive: copy the investments of the best investors worldwide.

We will show you step by step how to buy and invest in Bitcoin on this site. If you also think that bitcoins will continue to increase in value over the next few months, you will now know exactly how to “invest in Bitcoin” in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create your account from this link. Once you have created your account by entering your real data (name, email, username, password and telephone number), we advise you to verify it, so that you will have your account in eToro 100% active and without restrictions of entry or withdrawal.

Step 2: Now you can make your first deposit. The minimum income in most countries is about 500 €/$ (or the equivalent of your country’s currency). Logically, you can deposit more if you want to invest a larger amount in Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

Simply click on the “deposit funds” button and add the balance you want. As you can see in the image, you will be able to deposit funds with many different options such as: paypal, skrill, credit card, etc.

deposit in etoro

Step 3: Click on “Watchlist” and in the upper search bar, enter “bitcoin” or “BTC”. Once the BTC asset appears, we click on “TRADE” to make our purchase. We could also choose other cryptomonedas like “Ethereum” (ETH) or Ripple (XRP), for example. In the next step, we’ll see how to buy the amount of bitcoin we want.

buy bitcoin etoro

Step 4: We make sure that the tab is marked “BUY”, since we want to buy Bitcoin. It appears this way by default already, marked in “BUY”.

We introduce the amount we want to “invest” in bitcoin in this case. In the image we’ll assume it’s $700.

STOP LOSS” cannot be used since it is disabled in eToro due to the volatility of digital currencies. In “TAKE PROFIT”, we will enter the amount at which we want to close the transaction and generate profits. This will vary depending on whether you want to have your operation in the short, medium or long term.


That’s all there is to it! You have now purchased your bitcoins, ethereums or any other currency available on the platform. You will be able to close your operation with the “TAKE PROFIT” or manually when you think you have already made enough profit, as long as the bitcoin or the currency you buy increases in value.

We hope that this tutorial will help you to buy bitcoin at eToro in the easiest and quickest way.



Risk Warning: It is a difficult product to understand, the CNMV has determined that the product is not suitable for retail investors due to its complexity and associated high risks.

Every investment involves risks. Just risk the money you can afford to lose.

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